Welcome to Keto Yardie. Embarking on any weight loss journey is not an easy one, kudos to you for putting yourself first. Here you will be educated and guided, celebrate your wins and remind you why you started and if you fall short, We get you refocused. The journey is about progress not perfection.


Having struggled with being over weight for so many years, I can relate to being right where you are today. I was so nervous when I first started Keto but it has been the best decision I’ve made thus far in my life.


Give me the opportunity to coach you and I promise you won’t regret it. Let’s do this!!


























30-day Keto Coaching includes:

✓   30 days of coaching (access includes group support, calls, FaceTime, Skype, and email)

✓   Personalized macro calculation

✓   Keto meal plan

✓   Keto grocery list

✓   Keto Do's & Dont's

✓   Keto Approved Sugar list

✓   1 Week workout pan 

✓   Weekly exercise challenges and weigh-ins.

✓   You'll also gain access to a private WhatsApp group, "Keto Yardies" dedicated to all things keto!

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Participation in the group is a requirement or you will forfeit your spot in the group.


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