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1. What's the average amount of weight I can expect to lose in the first 30 days?

Everyone's body is very different so I can't honestly answer that. The minimum weightloss is 5-6 lbs. 


2. Will I lose the same amount of weight weekly?

No, the first week you will lose water weight and fat. This means that you will see a bigger number weightloss on the scale in the first week. In subsequent weeks you will be burning fat only. 


3. Is Keto hard?

Keto is not hard if you focus on the things that you can eat rather than the things that you cannot eat. Being overweight is hard, choose your hard.


4. Do I need to workout while doing keto to be successful?

No, working out is not required to be successful. 


5. How long will it take me to get in Ketosis?

If you follow my advice you can be in Ketosis in 24 hours. It can take up to 72 hours, but most of my clients are in within 24 hours. 


6. Why should I coach with you and not someone else?

Come for the education and empowerment and leave with an amazing experience. 

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