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The Keto Yardie Challenge is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Keto, help you to heal your body, reverse dieases and get you looking snatched. You will receive education from our Keto challenge curriculum that includes all things Keto. The challenge is not as detailed as the 30 day coaching service and should not be purchased in place of the 30 day coaching service. Challenge results are guaranteed once you follow all of the Keto Challenge Curriculum.

Keto Yardie Challenge Includes:

✓   Personalized Macros

✓   Keto Meal Plan (Pescatarian, Jamaican, Meat lovers or Vegan)

✓   Keto grocery list

✓   Keto Do's & Dont's

✓   Keto Approved Sugar list

✓   Weekly Video check-ins

✓   Weekly weigh-ins

       and more...

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